20 Minute Dance

20 Minute Dance is a mindfulness of body practice. It will help you develop the ability to notice when your mind has become lost in thought, and when you notice that, to bring it back to the present moment. This is the most important skill needed to practice Social Presencing Theater.

The invitation is to become more present and grounded in our bodies by resting our attention (mind) on the feeling of the body. When the body and mind are synchronized, we have access to a holistic intelligence.


  • This is a practice to restore the natural synchronicity of the body and the mind.
  • When we become lost in thoughts of the past or future or we fixate on our opinions and judgments we lose touch with the present moment.
  • Throughout the practice, the attention is on the feeling of the body; the sensations involved in movement and stillness (it doesn't matter at all what it looks like).

Uses & Outcomes

  • Slowing down and becoming more grounded, appreciating the moment to moment experience.
  • Body, mind and heart become more open and aligned, resulting in greater emotional intelligence and heartfelt listening.
  • Increase in confidence, clarity, and creativity.
  • Preparation for Stuck and 4D Mapping.


20 Minute Dance Instructions

We recommend using the video in combination with the written 20 Minute Dance instructions.

Also available in: Dutch  |  Italiano

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