Privacy Policy

Published: Jun 2, 2022

The Presencing Institute LLC (PI) is the owner and operator of this web service. The following constitutes our privacy policy as of October 10, 2011. Updates to this privacy policy will be posted to this webpage.
Your Account Privacy Settings
You can change privacy settings to your account at any time by going to your profile, finding the "Account" tab, and finding the various privacy checkboxes on the page.

PI does not rent or give away any user information the user has not explicitly chosen to make public in, for example, a forum posting. PI will not sell, rent or barter our mailing lists, user accounts, participant or customer information. Except where users elect to publish their contributions to PI web services, PI will not willingly disclose personal information to any third party except as required by United States law and/or in conformance with this privacy policy.
PI uses third party service providers to help us provide portions of the services offered at our sites. PI has selected our providers based on the providers' published polices and or explicit agreement to conform with our policies.
PI uses the services of Constant Contact to facilitate our email communication with our community and customers. We selected them as a third party vendor after a review of their privacy policy that protects user information. For the full privacy statement review the Constant Contact Privacy Statement
Although not actively monitored, if necessary, a small circle of administrators from PI can read private chat messages posted by users with the single purpose of providing support and/or to avoid misuse.

Information PI Collects
Whenever you access a PI website, the server(s) must know and does record (log) certain standard technical information such as the numerical Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using; the browser software you use and your operating system; and the Internet address of the website from which you followed a link. PI uses access logs to help detect errors, monitor for malicious intrusion, evaluate server performance and help us adapt our offerings to the needs of our users. In addition, PI, or PI's third party analytics providers (currently google analytics), providers of content (linked images for example) may also record data that includes this technical information.

The logs of access to PI web services may include additional data such as

  • The amount of bandwidth used when playing video or audio
  • In some cases a unique cookie
  • In some cases and basic configuration information like screen resolution.
  • Other technical data such as Plug-In availability
  • This access log data is used to improve the quality of PI's web services.

PI does not correlate this logged traffic data with named users except when:

  • Users access or attempt to access private administrative areas of the site with a user name and password.
  • The user posts content to a forum, message board, blog comment or collaboration application under a user name and password.
  • PI has reason to believe there has been potentially malicious access to our servers or content.
  • PI may report the anonymized, aggregated and filtered results of server log analysis and the reporting provided by our third party analytics services to funders and the public in order to fund and promote PI services. Individual user activity is not shared except to the extent such users elect to post or contribute in PI web fora and discussions. 

Users who purchase content, course attendance, event tickets or physical products or services from PI may be asked to provide personally identifying information including name, address, telephone number, credit card or other payment details in order for PI to deliver those products or services. PI will not retain payment information on servers PI owns or controls for any longer than necessary to complete the transaction. Third parties (Amazon for example) may keep this data as part of any account users may create with them when purchasing PI products or services.
PI sites include links to other sites and services. Users of PI's collaboration features, message boards and comments may also link to other sites and services. PI is not, and cannot be, responsible for the content or security of these other sites.