Visual Presencing

Practitioner Certification

The Visual Presencing Practitioner Certification builds capacity to integrate Visual Practice with Theory U (bringing awareness-based practices with the embodied social art of scribing) and applying on projects of your own choosing. Upon completion of the pathway, you will earn certification as an Visual Presencing Practitioner, certified by the u-school for Transformation by Presencing Institute. 

What is it?

The Visual Presencing Practitioner Certification consists of a series of capacity-developing offerings and applied learning. The intention of the pathway is to develop an understanding of the core theory and methods at the intersection of generative scribing and Theory U, and how to apply these in professional contexts.

This foundational certification is required for advanced  certification programs.

What is Required?

  • Four capacity-development programs
  • One application project

See details below.

Your Certification Pathway

Please login to see all your information. To do it, click the person icon ("ACCOUNT") on the floating menu on the right-hand side of the page and select "Login".
If you have completed a program that is not identified on the tracker below, please go to your profile/your programs page and click the button "ADD A MISSING PROGRAM". This allows you to upload an image or pdf of your certificate and send it for our validation. If you neeed assistance, please write to support@presencing.org



Questions about this certification?

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • I don't see one button to purchase the entire Certification at once. How does it work?
    Certifications are not purchased all at once. You can do the component programs and certification project at your own pace. Some programs are immediately available, others are released during the year. If you want to receive notifications about program openings, you can sign-up to our newsletter on the left side of this page.
  • Do I need to follow the recommended order?
    The pathway is flexible. The order you see on this page is a recommendation. You can pursue the suggested programs in this order or differently. When you have finished all relevant components, the certification will appear on your profile page.
  • What is the completion time?
    The certification pathways are built in a flexible way so you can shape the learning journey to suit your needs. Some programs are several months long and others that take a few days. The primary focus of the certification pathway is application and that takes time, so if you know from the start that you would like to pursue a certification pathway, it will need some forward planning. Once you begin your certification project - the last stage in the certification process - you have a limit of 2 years to submit it.
  • If I have participated in these programs in the past will that be taken into consideration?
    Yes, all the programs you have completed will be displayed on your profile page. If any information is missing, you will be able to manually upload your program certificate of completion on your profile and it will be considered for the certification.
  • Can I submit the Certification Project now?
    The Certification Project can only be submited after you have completed all the required programs. Also, currently the certification pathways are in soft launch mode and some of the functions are still in development. This functionality will be enabled throughout 2023. Please sign up for notifications to receive the launch announcement.
  • I have missed a program registration deadline. Is it possible to join the program that is in progress at the moment? When is a new program starting?
    It is not possible to onboard new participants for an existing course, as each module of the course builds on the previous one. Our programs calendar can be followed here.
  • How can I be notified when new programs are available?
    You can sign up for our newsletter as we always announce new open programs there. 

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