Of all the leadership capacities, listening is perhaps the most underrated. An inability to listen deeply is at the source of much leadership failure. Listening shapes the quality of our attention, thereby underpinning both professional mastery, as well as the quality of our personal lives.
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This course contains:

  • Four videos (approx. 60 minutes total), with Kelvy Bird, Otto Scharmer and other u-school faculty and coaches
  • Full workbook with content and exercises in PDF format for easy download

This Learning Module covers key areas that will help you develop individual, team, and organizational capacity to deepen your quality of listening. These include:

  • The Workbook
  • Introduction of Levels of Listening by Otto Scharmer
  • Reflections by Otto Scharmer on his own listening journey 
  • Conditions for listening
  • Applications of listening
  • Origins of this work

Senior faculty and coaches that have developed this module include: Dorian Baroni, Kelvy Bird, Martin Kalungu-Banda, Katrin Kaeufer, Antoinette Klatzky, Eva Pomeroy, and Otto Scharmer.

The self-directed videos total ~55 minutes and are divided into 4 video sections. The accompanying workbook with additional reflection and application practices is key to guiding you in your self-directed learning journey. You can download as a pdf along with the video, upon purchase.

Additional learning materials that might be of interest:

This series is for those who have already had some exposure to or experience of Theory U programs - such as Presencing Foundation Programs, u-lab 1x or 2x, etc. I
f you are brand new to this work, we encourage you to begin with with our
Presencing Foundation Program.