Applying Sensing Journeys

Sensing Journeys take people out of their daily routine or context in order to experience their organization, challenge, or system through the lenses of different stakeholders, by engaging with other people and places and also going to the fringes. It’s a practice that aims to cultivate a capacity to perceive oneself and the system from a new, meaningful perspective.

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This course contains:

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • Sensing Journey audio file (40 minutes) with Marian Goodman and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step by step instructions for download
More About the Tools Series 

Would you like to sharpen your Theory U skills and dive deeper into some of the core methods in the U Toolbox? Do you want to better understand:

  • their origin and purpose?
  • how they work?
  • how to use them yourself, with greater efficacy?

Tools in the U Practice are all deliberately designed as vehicles for transformative change in whichever context of life and work they are applied. This program gives insight into the overall role and function of the whole collection of methods, and then invites you to dive deeper into selected specific ones.

This is a unique new collection of audio recordings that is meant for our advanced learners, who have already acquired familiarity with Theory U and/or Social Presencing Theater – such as the Foundation Programs, u-lab 1x or 2x, or Social Presencing Theater training.

The series provides an opportunity to bring new depth to your learning, using a light, self-paced, audio-only format.

With this Tools series, you will:

  • “Get under the hood” with u-school Senior Faculty;
  • Discover what it takes to become successful using these practices.

Additional learning materials that might be of interest:

This series is for those who have already had some exposure to or experience of Theory U programs - such as Presencing Foundation Programs, u-lab 1x or 2x, etc. I
f you are brand new to this work, we encourage you to begin with with our
Presencing Foundation Program.