Regional Partners

Over the next 10 years, the u-school for Transformation aims to form partnerships with institutions that share our commitment to societal regeneration and planetary healing, to make the methods and tools of awareness-based systems change available to all.

The u-school for Transformation partners with organizations that share the intention of transformation through awareness-based systems change, and that can bring a range of resources and capabilities to making the u-school a reality. If you are interested in joining us, please write to

u-school’s founding partners include:


Ubuntu.Lab | Africa

Ubuntu.Lab offers official Theory U applied innovation and capacity building programs for change makers, emerging and established leaders, innovators and every active African citizen, who would like to be part of co-creating the African continent’s future. Ubuntu.Lab offers a practical response to the challenges confronting the African continent as a whole, including: poverty; unemployment; environmental degradation; poor health; corruption; and different forms of fundamentalism. It is rooted in the philosophy and life-force of the Ubuntu way, that helps us understand our individual and collective selves as part of Mother Nature.

Watch the story told by Martin Kalungu-Banda | Learn more about Ubuntu.Lab


MIT CoLab | Americas

CoLab is a MIT-based hub for collaborative action and innovation. CoLab aspires to support and create innovations with communities at the margins to democratize economies and build self-determination. The u-school | Presencing Institute partnership with CoLab focuses on financial services as an essential element of economic democracy and self-determination. Through this partnership we have supported the development of the ‘Just Money’ program and a course on ‘Banking as if Society Mattered’ that:

Enroll for Just Money MOOC | Learn more about MIT CoLab

Asia Pacific

UID IDEAS | Asia Pacific

United in Diversity emerged from an education forum co-founded in 2003 by MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Indonesia, and GT Group Sinar Harapan, and established later as a Foundation to work with leading global and local Universities, think tanks and tri Sector partners to build trust for our Common Future. United In Diversity facilitates tri-sector leaders to create and implement sustainable solutions to the region's biggest challenges. IDEAS (Innovative Dynamic Education and Action for Sustainability) is a transformational leadership program offered by United in Diversity (UID) in collaboration with MIT Sloan Global Programs and the u-school for Transformation by Presencing Institute. The program is designed to engage leaders across sectors to jointly take on complex sustainable development challenges, that include conservation, education, and business/social enterprise across a one-year, practice-based journey. The curriculum of the program includes an introduction to System Thinking, Theory U and other problem-solving and innovation principles, building prototypes, retreats, field trips, shadowing, and other group-based activities

Watch the story told by Shobi Lawalata and by Cherie Nursalim |
Learn more about United in Diversity


The Bioregional Weaving Labs Collective | Europe

The Bioregional Weaving Lab (BWL) Collective is a team of system changers in the field, that work directly with farmers, nature conservationists, communities and stakeholders to ensure that high level climate and biodiversity plans become more actionable, in order to restore, protect, and regenerate the landscapes and seascapes they live and work in. Together with 100+ landscape practitioners, leading socio-environmental entrepreneurs, weavers, corporate and institutional leaders, funders, impact investors, and many other partners, we are discussing the roadmap for the next years, sharing our learnings, and inspiring each other with the work that is already happening in the landscapes as well as by the systemic innovations in our portfolio. The aim is to further build our community of people passionate to drive our mission of mobilizing 1 million changemakers to restore, protect, and regenerate 1 million hectares of Europe’s land and sea by 2030. The Bioregional Weaving Labs Collective is a collaboration with the Presencing Institute, Ashoka Europe Fellowship, Drawdown Europe, The Weaving Lab, Commonland, and many others.

Learn more about the Bioregional Weaving Labs Collective

Latin America

Vibrant Manifestations | Latin America

Across Latin America, there is a growing movement for awareness-based systems change that has emerged out of the commitment and creativity of hundreds of practitioners and activists, making possible to bridge all u-school global initiatives (GAIA, u-lab, Global Forum, among others) with the region. A broad movement of Social Presencing Theater is using Social Arts for societal transformation. In several Latin American universities, Theory U courses are part of the curriculum for students and postgraduates. Dozens of projects, strongly related to grassroots, social and organizational entrepreneurship initiatives, are using Theory U to activate ecosystem shifts. This robust, horizontal, participatory Theory U community is a critical and valued pillar of the u-school infrastructure. And the ancient indigenous sources of wisdom are its inspiration.

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