begin to shape what emerges during a time of silence and reflection. Seeds are small personal notations, but they hold the potential for deep change. This practice is especially useful after a process of Guided Journaling as a way of identifying what resonated most strongly from the “field of the future.”


This tool is used to facilitate the bridge between presencing and crystallizing, to allow participants in a U-process to sense and articulate insights that manifested during the presencing moment. Seeds then help participants begin to choose ideas for Prototyping.


  • Trust your intuition. Your reflections while sitting in silence, journaling, or engaging in a presencing practice are Seeds of the future.
  • Stay with uncertainty. Your next steps might not be obvious at first, and you might feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in this place.
  • Clarity will emerge in its own time. It may take time—days or weeks—for your thoughts to start taking shape.

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