3D Modelling



3D Modelling
is a physical process that brings multiple perspectives to understanding how a situation or system might evolve. Participants create a sculpture that represents their current situation and the emerging possibilities of their work and life. The process prompts questions from four vantage points, allowing for 360-degree seeing and sensing of an emerging future. The power of the practice lies in participants relying on their hands, rather than on habitual ways of thinking, to discover new insights.


In the context of Theory U, this tool can be used during any phase to create visual displays that explain projects and engage potential stakeholders. The modelling can be applied on any scale.


  • Create an external view of a current challenge in order to gain insight from multiple perspectives into some of the systemic factors that are causing it.
  • Sense, surface, and activate inherent possibilities.

Want to learn more?

How to apply 3D Modelling or 3D System Sculpting

3D System Sculpting involves creating a three-dimensional model that maps a current situation or system (using small items such as figurines, feathers, pieces of wool, etc. to symbolize elements and dynamics). The 3D System Sculpture is a key tool for individuals and groups to uncover hidden dynamics in systems and identify leverage points for change.

This course contains

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • 3D System Sculpting audio file (35 minutes) with Beth Jandernoa and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step by step instructions for download

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