4D Mapping

In Social Presencing Theater, the word "theater" is used in connection to its root meaning – a place where something significant becomes visible, or where a community of people can see a shared experience.

4D mapping makes visible the current reality in a social system, such as a school system, health care system, or government. 4D Mapping is used with groups who are looking to gain new insights about their own system, and with clients who have a case they want to explore using this method.


  • 4D mapping explores how the highest aspiration in a system might come forward. We assume there is an underlying wisdom – in spite of the diverse values or goals of stakeholders in a system – that could come to the surface and be visible as we move from Sculpture 1 to 2.
  • Participants apply mindfulness of the body and awareness of the surrounding space. 4D mapping is not about acting out preconceived ideas or concepts we have about a system.
  • 4D mapping is about surfacing and noticing what shifts in a system might be significant in going from a current reality to an emerging future reality.
  • Movement is based on what is actually emerging, not based on manipulation or what we think something should be. 


4D Map Instructions

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How to apply 4D System Mapping

4D system Mapping is a structured method developed by Arawana Hayashi and faculty of Social Presencing Theater that guides groups through an embodied practice of system sensing. 4D System Mapping is a tool that offers deep and transformational insights about the system by making more visible its current reality and emergent potential.

This course contains

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • 4D Mapping audio file (45 minutes) with Arawana Hayashi and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step by step instructions for download

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