Annual Report

Access, read, download and save your copy of our u-school for Transformation and Presencing Institute 2022 Annual Report.

We are so excited to share with you what has been happening in the Presencing Institute ecosystem (and beyond) during this extraordinary time of transition
from one civilizational form to another.

What you will find inside the Annual Report

  • Letter from Otto Scharmer, Co-Founder
  • Letter from John Heller, Chief Executive
  • Presencing institute in Numbers
  • Programs and Offerings
  • Capacity Building
  • Leading Edge Online Events
  • Action Research
  • Physical & Digital Products
  • Living Examples of Ecosystem Activation
  • Team
  • Future Vision
  • Supporters & Partners
  • Financials

Presencing Institute in Numbers

Enrollments in Offerings
delivered by the Presencing Institute (PI) 2022

PI Free Program Enrollments 2022

  • 9,146 total enrollments in PI‘s annual cycle of free programs
  • 8,249 total enrollments in u-lab
  • 897 enrollments in “Stepping into the Future Together,” a free session, part of the Global Forum 2022

Paid Program Enrollments 2022

  • 1,033 total participants in PI / u-school paid offerings
  • 128 participants in In-Person Programs
  • 755 participants in Online Live Programs
  • 150 participants in Online Self-Paced Programs
Institutional Work
with UN SDG Leadership Labs 2022

Participants in the year’s first four Labs reported that the Labs had a significant impact on their work. Nearly 100% experienced improvement in their capabilities for systems thinking, collaboration, and action learning.
Participants also reported important gains for their Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs).

u-school for Transformation: new website
launched in September 2022









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