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The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principles and Applications

by Otto Scharmer, 2018

A useful pocket guide for practitioners that distills all of the research and materials found in Otto Scharmer's seminal texts Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future.

A short handbook that focuses on the core principles of Theory U, the key movements that makes the process of Theory U, and social applications, to be used as an introduction to work in the field of Presencing.

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Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges 

2nd Edition | by C. Otto Scharmer, 2016 

In this ground-breaking book, Otto Scharmer invites us to see the world in new ways. What we pay attention to, and how we pay attention - both individually and collectively - is key to what we create. What often prevents us from "attending" is what Scharmer calls our "blind spot," the inner place from which each of us operates. Learning to become aware of our blind spot is critical to bringing forth the profound systemic changes so needed in business and society today. By moving through the "U" process we learn to connect to our essential Self, see our own blind spot and pay attention in a way that allows us to experience the opening of our minds, our hearts, and our wills. This wholistic opening constitutes a shift in awareness that allows us to learn from the future as it emerges, and to realize that future in the world.

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Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economics

by C. Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, 2013

We have entered an age of disruption. Financial collapse, climate change, resource depletion, and a growing gap between rich and poor are but a few of the signs. Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer ask, why do we collectively create results nobody wants? Meeting the challenges of this century requires updating our economic logic and operating system from an obsolete “ego-system” focused entirely on the well-being of oneself to an eco-system awareness that emphasizes the well-being of the whole. Filled with real-world examples, this thought-provoking guide presents proven practices for building a new economy that is more resilient, intentional, inclusive, and aware.

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Mission-Driven Banks and the Future of Finance

by Katrin Kaufer and Lillian Steponaitis, 2021

This book explores how to use finance as a tool to build a more equitable and sustainable society.

Money defines our present and will shape our future. Every investment decision we make adds a chapter to the story of what our world will look like. Although the idea of mission-based finance has been around for decades, there is a gap between organizations' stated intention to “do good” and meaningful impact. Still, some are succeeding. In Just Money, Katrin Kaufer and Lillian Steponaitis take readers on a global tour of financial institutions that use finance as a force for good. They discuss what it takes to build and operate a mission-focused business, whether the Just Banking model is scalable in the face of systemic barriers, and how to assess impact effectively. Finally, they introduce the logic of ecosystem finance, in which business decisions align with societal needs so that "just" money becomes a tool that serves nature, human development, and social justice.

Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move

Arawana Hayashi, 2021

Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move is a journey into the origins, principles, and practices of an innovative social art form co-created by Arawana Hayashi and colleagues at the Presencing Institute. This embodiment practice deepens reflection and supports individual, team, organizational, and social transformation. This highly accessible book offers an introduction to newcomers and provides a deeper understanding of the work for experienced practitioners who wish to create powerful spaces for heart-based learning and action. The book contains practice instructions and stories highlighting the uses of Social Presencing Theater in companies, schools, and social projects.

Generative Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century

by Kelvy Bird, 2018

Scribing—visually representing ideas while people talk—is a distinct social art form that facilitates group learning and cultural memory. Scribes listen and draw simultaneously, creating large pictures that integrate content, prompt insight, and aid with decision-making.

“Generative scribing” extends this art by attending to the field of energy and relation between people, and to the emerging potential of a system. 

This book frames the key concepts that inform and cultivate a scribe’s inner capacities of being, joining, perceiving, knowing, and drawing. It is for visual practitioners, facilitators, coaches, and organizers, and for anyone who cares about how we exist together as humans. It’s for those who want to explore their interior functioning, to approach the world anew.