Case Clinic


Case Clinic
is a peer coaching process designed to identify innovative solutions and next steps for addressing a pressing and immediate leadership challenge. In a Case Clinic, a case giver presents a case, and peers or team members act as coaches, based on the principles of the U-process and process consultation.


This peer-learning process can be used to address challenges where the case giver is the main decision maker. It can build a high level of trust and positive energy among a peer group and can be combined with mindfulness and listening practices for maximum effect.


  • Be specific. The case should present a leadership challenge that is current and concrete.
  • Include a decision maker. The case giver needs to be a key decision maker in the case.
  • Reinforce peer relationships. The participants in the Case Clinics are peers, so there is no hierarchical relationship.
  • Practice listening. Coaches don’t give advice; instead they listen deeply.

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