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Language Hubs

The language hubs are self-organized collaborative spaces that make the initiatives of the u-school for Transformation accessible to different languages, cultures and communities from all corners of the planet. 

These self-organized groups of volunteers kindly offer their time to serve the community with translation of programs and tools, as well as holding the space for questions and support in native languages.

You will find the open methods and tools translations compiled in each of the hubs. Just follow a hub to see all the materials available in the different languages. A BIG Thank You to all our amazing Community Translators for their efforts!

Please note: Translations are provided by the community for the community. They are meant as a study aid for learners whose first language is not English, and are generally not available for all content on this website. Moreover, they are not meant as standalone content, as we do not have the resources to conduct extensive quality assessment. We trust in the skills and helpful intention of our community translators. For feedback or contributions to translations, please see below.

If you wish to contribute to translations in your language and/or host a language hub please contact us at for more information.

Please note that closed programs that require a registration might also include translated materials inside the program's workspace.