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based on the recordings of videos or live sessions. These courses allow participants to learn the concepts, methods and tools for awareness-bases systems change at their own pace.

You will find content on Theory U and Presencing, space holding, tools and much more.

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Theory U and Presencing


u-lab 0x | Leading Change in Times of Disruption: Introduction to Theory U

This is a free 90-minute course to introduce you to Theory U, a framework and method for leading and supporting systems change based on the work of Otto Scharmer and colleagues at MIT. u-lab 0x is an entry point to a longer journey and emerging global network – both of which you will have the opportunity to join after completing this course.

This course contains:

  • Introduction audio files (90 minutes)

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Space Holding


Hub Hosting

You will find content to support your efforts in organizing and holding generative spaces which brings together pioneers, change-makers and social innovators from around the world for dialogues and experiential learning journeys. 

This course contains:

  • Links, guidance and usuful resources on how to host a hubs - safe spaces to deepen understanding of our programs, do deep system-sensing, cultivating shared awareness, and activating transformation.

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Digital Leadership

Activating and Holding Transformative Change Online is a new frontier of leadership, facilitating greater accessibility and participation.

  • How do you run effective virtual meetings that connect people not only on a mental level, but also by engaging all our intelligences: head, heart, and hand?​
  • How do you design creative online-to-offline learning that allows for transformational change at scale?
  • How can you activate ecosystems across the digital divide?

This series allow participants to learn from our experience in creating effective and transformative online spaces; learn different methods and tools for generative digital engagement; practice creating online work and learning environments for their teams, groups or organizations; and improve own capability and competence to hold the space for transformational change in contexts that are virtual and disrupted.

This course contains:

  • 7 sessions

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Levels of Listening

This Learning Module covers key areas that will help you develop individual, team, and organizational capacity to deepen your quality of listening.

This Learning Module contains:

  • Introduction by Otto Scharmer to the Four Levels of Listening
  • Context on Otto's own listening journey
  • Conditions for listening
  • Applications of listening
  • Origins of this work
  • An accompanying workbook with additional reflection practices

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How to apply 3D System Sculpting

3D System Sculpting involves creating a three-dimensional model that maps a current situation or system (using small items such as figurines, feathers, pieces of wool, etc. to symbolize elements and dynamics). The 3D System Sculpture is a key tool for individuals and groups to uncover hidden dynamics in systems and identify leverage points for change.

This Learning Module contains

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • 3D System Sculpting audio file (35 minutes) with Beth Jandernoa and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step by step instructions for download

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How to apply Sensing Journeys

Sensing Journeys take people out of their daily routine or context in order to experience their organization, challenge, or system through the lenses of different stakeholders. Sensing Journeys are a key tool and practice for cultivating a capacity to perceive oneself and the system from a new perspective, and to sense new possibilities in a system.  

This Learning Module contains

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • Sensing Journey audio file (40 minutes) with Marian Goodman and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step-by-step instructions for download

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How to apply 4D System Mapping

4D system Mapping is a structured method developed by Arawana Hayashi and faculty of Social Presencing Theater that guides groups through an embodied practice of system sensing. 4D System Mapping is a tool that offers deep and transformational insights about the system by making more visible its current reality and emergent potential.

This Learning Module contains

  • Introduction audio file (70 minutes)
  • 4D Mapping audio file (45 minutes) with Arawana Hayashi and Julie Arts
  • PDF with step by step instructions for download

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Recordings of Past Events



Global Activation of Intention and Action

This year-long journey began in 2020 as a global response to the COVID-19 crisis that was leading to quarantines and lockdowns around the planet. It was a series of monthly sessions, each focusing on a specific area for societal transformation and planetary healing. In 2021, the journey expanded to have sessions focused on specific acupuncture points.

This course contains:

  • recordings and resources shared during the 2020 monthly sessions
  • recordings of the sessions occurred in 2021 focused on acupuncture points like: Mission-Driven Finance, Social Arts, Soil & Food and Climate Change

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Global Forum 

Transforming Society & Self

An annual gathering of change makers, systems thinkers, and awareness practitioners, dedicated to creating a better world for future generations. Using global live sessions, presencing practices, and an expanding Audio Garden, our intent is to help our wider global community see and sense itself through a showcasing and exploration of many different programs, labs and community initiatives that make up our global ecosystem. As a community, we’ll be nurturing, and celebrating these initiatives for radical, regional, and global regeneration that are vital to the societal transformations. 

This course contains:

  • recordings and resources shared during the 2022 Global Forum
  • 200+ tracks in 9 languages on the Audio Garden, made up of audio pieces contributed by u-school senior faculty, global thought leaders, our various regional communities, and change-makers around the world. The audio garden consists of stories, practices, sensing journeys, and sound scapes.

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