Dialogues on Transforming Society & Self (DoTS) - Episode 1

Apr 1, 2019

Societal Transformation: 3 Narratives, 3 Axial Shifts

The Presencing Institute is excited to announce that, starting April 10th, Otto Scharmer will be hosting monthly interactive Dialogues online about key acupuncture points of societal transformation.

With a variety of guests, stories and breakout sessions, these Dialogues will provide a space for coming together and sensing into inspiring examples of societal renewal. Planned upcoming topics include: 

  • April: Societal Transformation - 3 Narratives, 3 Axial Shifts
  • May: Reinventing the 21st Century University - the New Learning Coordinates - Axial Shift #1
  • June: As Systems Collapse, People Rise - the New Political Coordinates - Axial Shift #2
  • July: The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism - the New Economic Coordinates - Axial Shift #3
  • September: Reinventing Business As A Force For Good -From Ego to Eco
  • October: Reinventing Democracy As A Force for Good - The New Politics of Well-Being 
  • November: Reshaping Systems Change - Inventing New Social Arts and Awareness-based Social Technologies
  • December: Reinventing Money As A Force for Good

These monthly Dialogues on Transforming Society and Self (DoTS) will run throughout 2019, with each episode preceded by a new column from Otto, published in HuffPost’s This New World section and/or our Field of the Future Blog. Registration for each Dialogue episode will be free and open to all. Number of seats will be limited, due to the small group dialogue format that will be part of the session.


Episode 1: "Societal Transformation: 3 Narratives, 3 Axial Shifts" 


On April 10th we kick off the Dialogues on Societal Transformation with the first episode, which will revolve around the three axial shifts. The suggested pre-reading for the session is Otto's article published on Huffington Post.


To join Otto live on Zoom and take part in the Dialogue
on 10th April at 10 a.m. EDT,
please register on Eventbrite now,
by clicking here.


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