Dialogues on Transforming Society & Self (DoTS) - Episode 3

Jun 5, 2019

As Systems Collapse, People Rise: the New Political Coordinates

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our monthly interactive Dialogues online about key acupuncture points of societal transformation, hosted by Otto Scharmer. 

Episode #3, “As Systems Colllapse, People Rise - The New Political Coordinates” will take place on 13th June at 10am EDT, and will zoom in on the "new political coordinates" of our time. Otto Scharmer's article As Systems Collapse, People Rise: Seven Faces of an Emerging Global Movement serves as a pre-read for the session.


Our Guest Speaker

Our esteemed guest speaker will be Kenneth Hogg.

Kenneth Hogg is a Director in the Scottish Government, where he has led work on public service reform and democratic renewal.  Kenneth has worked in public services for almost 30 years, and has extensive experience of leading organisational, strategic and systemic change.  He is passionate about learning and development, and about making a difference. He is particularly interested in bringing to life more participative approaches to government and public service, including enabling communities to have a greater say in changes about things that matter to them.  In that spirit, in 2015 Kenneth led the introduction of U.Lab Scotland and has co-led the development of collective public service leadership in Scotland.  A core question which has motivated Kenneth’s work over the last 10 years is: how do we lead change when we know that more of the same won’t get us the outcomes we want and when our contextual operating environment is no longer familiar or predictable?


Planned subsequent topics for the DOTS series include:

  • July/August (tbd): The Age of Surveillance Capitalism - The New Economic Coordinates
  • September: Reinventing Business As A Force For Good - From Ego to Eco
  • October: Reinventing Democracy As A Force for Good - The New Politics of Well-Being
  • November: Reshaping Systems Change - Inventing New Social Arts and Awareness-Based Social Technologies
  • December: Reinventing Money As A Force for Good

The monthly Dialogues on Transforming Society and Self (DoTS) will run throughout the rest of 2019, with each episode preceded by a new column from Otto, published in HuffPost’s This New World section and/or our Field of the Future Blog. Registration for each Dialogue episode will be free and open to all. Number of seats will be limited, due to the small group dialogue format that will be part of the session.

With a variety of guests, stories and breakout sessions, these Dialogues provide an ongoing space for coming together and sensing into inspiring examples of societal renewal.

You can find more information and summaries of the past episodes of the Dialogues on Transforming Society & Self on this page.

Registrations for the upcoming session on June 13th are now open. 
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Update 6th June: please note that all seats have now been booked. Please register at the above link for the waitlist. Thank you.