GAIA Essentials

May 6, 2020

Just starting your GAIA Journey? This page offers an overview of the Essentials to get you up to speed, so you can dive right in!

GAIA is an impromptu global infrastructure, offered by the Presencing Institute in light of the Covid-19 pandemic for sense-making, for leaning into our current moment of disruption, and letting this moment move us toward civilizational renewal. 

Leading up to the July 10-11, 2020, virtual Global Forum, GAIA will practice a collective "inhale and exhale" together. On the "inhale" weeks, we will meet together virtually as a global community, with co-sensing conversations and hearing from inspirational guests. On the "exhale" weeks, you will meet together with your communities in the ways that work best for you, with an iterative framework we will share during the global community conversations.

Below, you'll find an overview of short clips from the journey so far, to give you an overall impression. If you or your peers are new to Theory U, this introduction to the basics of Presencing might also be of help.