Mission Driven Banks & The Future of Finance

Jan 17, 2022

Listen to this brand new podcast on Just Money: Mission Driven Banks and the Future of Finance with Katrin Kaeufer

"Finance is the essential sector, every investment decision describes the story of our future."

Katrin Kaeufer

Listen to this wonderful podcast with Katrin Kaeufer, Executive Director at the Presencing Institute and Jeroen (William) Broekema, Founder of the Leaders in Finance podcast.

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Jeroen: "You have seen a lot of organizations over time. Do you see a big difference in culture and how people think within financial services and outside of it?"

Katrin: "There is a difference: it has to do with money. Money is such an abstraction. Money is a social construct that doesn't have a value in itself. It depends on all of us believing in it and it's enormously efficient. It allows us to completely disconnect from reality. So I think in the financial sector it takes a little bit of an extra effort to stay connected to reality and to the impact of the work than when you build computers or tables. And there's also a beauty in it. There is this perfection, we can create this product that works so well and it sometimes takes real effort to let go of this and open up the black box and say: What's the reality underlying this?"

Katrin and Jeroen speak at length about the book and what it stands for, what mission-driven banks actualy are, values-based banking and much much more!

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