Social Presencing Theater in Education

Nov 6, 2018

Bringing mindfulness and art into the school system is now more critical than ever

This brief video documentary illustrates how Social Presencing Theater has been applied in several different high schools, in India, the USA and Norway and helped to solve social tensions and student disengagement through exploring collaborative trust, self-expression and collective systems awareness.

Arawana Hayashi—Director of Social Presencing Theater, explains: “The Social Presencing Theater allows us to inquire into how we are manifesting as a group of people. It’s a kind of microcosm of something that we actually can look at and investigate.”

“Bringing this kind of mindfulness and art into the school system is critical now. Missing that would be missing the next step of evolution.” Manish Srivastava— Co-Director of SPT

Says Adam Yukelson—Action Researcher at Presencing Institute: “In Social Presencing Theater we have a variety of different practices. Usually we start with what we call the 20-minute dance which is really a mindfulness of body practice. The idea is to keep the attention on the feeling of the body, instead of the thoughts that may take you in one direction or another.”

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