Street Classrooms For Future-Focused Skills

Nov 22, 2019

Greenpeace Mindworks and the Presencing Institute invite you to organize your own Street Classroom during the Global Climate Strike 4 Future on 29 November. #streetclassroom #learn4future

On 29 November, the Global Climate Strike 4 Future will take place across the planet, with people of all ages taking to the streets and demanding a future for generations to come. Greenpeace Mindworks and the Presencing Institute invite you to join this movement by taking to streets, as well as creating spaces of deep learning on that day.


Organize a Street Classroom of Your Own

Do you feel called to create a space for deep learning and intergenerational exchange that our current education systems are not generally able to provide? Invite people of all ages, or specific groups, to a learning space of your own making, or ask others -- people, organizations, space -- to co-create one with you. You can see the official invitation below.

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge - Poster for the Street Classrooms


Inviting & Sharing

The Street Classrooms team will offer community calls to support you in shaping your learning space, inviting people in, and sharing your experience with the wider public. That way we can learn from each other and get inspired by all the different spaces created across the globe. Please register through this Google form if you wish to take part and send a message to for more information.


If you are curious about the different Street Classrooms or wish to share about your own, use the hashtags #streetclassroom & #learn4future on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram.


This video gives you an impression of what the Street Classrooms aim to be, but feel free to do your own thing entirely!


Street Classroom in Zurich from Street Classrooms on Vimeo.