Stuck Exercise

Sep 25, 2015

This is the main technique of Social Presencing Theater. It is a process by which one experiences going through the whole U journey by moving from Sculpture 1 (current reality) to Sculpture 2 (emerging future).

To do the Stuck exercise, you first need to identify a place in your life where you feel stuck. That means something you are trying to create is not moving forward. The videos in this section explain how to use SPT to move from that current reality to a more sustainable emerging future. The Stuck exercise can generate insights that are applicable to your real situation.

In these videos, Arawana explains how the stuck exercise is a journey through the U process. She also gives instructions for how to move from Sculpture 1 to 2. Continue watching the videos below to see how the practice is done and to try it yourself.

Nobody is stuck on their own. When you are stuck, there is a system of forces that keep you from moving forward. These videos show how the Stuck method can be used to explore possible ways for a person's system of stuck forces to evolve from current to future reality.

We recommend using the video in combination with the written Stuck Exercise Instructions