Ecosystem Leadership Program Asia Pacific

The ELP Asia Pacific is a regional enabling infrastructure—or fireplace—to help activate personal and collective awareness-based transformation and impact in the Asia Pacific, in which we will:

  • Develop and build on powerful concepts, tools and skills for systems change
  • Interweave in a rich, diverse and inclusive networking space as part of an impactful and growing movement across the Asia Pacific which fosters and supports an ecosystem of practice
  • Connect more deeply with our own specific places and contexts of work, both social and natural, as well as see and sense the work that others are doing in the region
  • Experience a profound transformational journey, connecting to our own individual highest future potential as an impactful leader and changemaker in order to lead our countries and region to their highest possible contributions to the world in our time
  • Move from ‘piecemeal’ responses to our current local, regional and global situations, to inspired and collective ‘peace-full’ action.

The program is structured as a two-year cycle of three modules that can be taken independently or as part of the whole ELP cycle, which is aligned with the pathways of certification of the u-school for Transformation. (Certification is dependant on participation in the entire event.)

This is the first step of an ecosystem and movement-building journey of action-learning and research in which we will co-create the foundations for a better Asia Pacific for the world, grounded in our specific places, through a new kind of university—a university of the future, here and now—the u-school for Transformation.

Special scholarships provided by the Dutch-based organisation Commonland will be available to those working on landscape restoration projects in the Asia Pacific.

Join us at this collective and collaborative fireplace on one of our global ‘islands of coherence’—Kura Kura Island in Bali, Indonesia—as we take this next step together.

Program Cycle

Overview of Module 1

This module, Ecosystem Foundations, aims to further develop existing leadership and changemaker capacities at a personal level, allowing us to continually “transform ourselves in order to transform our realities”, cultivating the inner condition and action confidence needed for awareness-based systems change. 

The program will help us individually connect to our own highest future potential as impactful leaders and changemakers, in order to lead our separate countries and our common region to their highest possible contributions to the world as a whole. The module will also foster a rich networking among leaders and change agents from across sectors, areas of work, contexts, professional levels, nations and cultures, collaboratively creating impact as an ecosystem of practice towards a healthier Asia Pacific and a healthier world. 

It will provide an inclusive, participatory, movement-building journey that integrates the knowledge of head, heart and hands through direct observation, reflection and action. It will help us move beyond ‘piecemeal’ responses to the challenges of our time, to collaborative, creative and inspired ‘peace-full’ action. It is the first stage of an ecosystem journey for all those innovating in systems, caring for communities and nature, and tending creative fireplaces of deep systemic change across the region.

We are therefore committed, where possible, to making the program accessible for anyone from the Asia Pacific who would like to attend: We have a variety of scholarships available, including a special track with scholarships for those working on landscape restoration in the Asia Pacific. Come and sit with us around this common, regional fire as we begin this transformational ecosystem journey together in order to take the whole of our region–and the world–forward.

This Module 1 can be taken independently or as part of the whole ELP Cycle.

What This Module Will Provide

  • A place to bring our existing skills and capacities, as well as our current and emerging ecosystem challenges from our places
  • A space to further explore cutting-edge perspectives to understand and transform systems
  • Ongoing development of the leadership and changemaker capacities necessary to help navigate complexity and "learn from the emerging future" by activating our highest individual potentials in relation to the highest potential of the world around us
  • Continue practicing innovative tools, processes and awareness-based methodologies to put ideas into action, achieving profound impact for ourselves, our places and areas of work
  • A four-day immersion in a beautiful, ecologically-focused venue surrounded by nature
  • Social learning and peer exchange with fellow ecosystem leaders from across sectors and the region sitting around our collective fire
  • The next step on a profound and collective ecosystem activation and regeneration journey for ourselves, our places, our landscapes, our communities, our region and our world
  • Tangible integration into a continuous action-learning infrastructure with regional and global fireplaces and networks of practitioners: u-school for Transformation. 



Plus a dedicated social arts team, transformative research team, and supporting faculty.

Animated scribing video by Jayce Pei Yu Lee


  • Dates: August 13-16, 2024
  • Times: 2pm Aug 13 - 5pm Aug 16
  • Who: For those living and/or working in, or deeply connected to, the Asia Pacific region
  • Location: Kura Kura (Serangan) Island, Bali, Indonesia
  • Venue: The iconic 'Three Mountains'
  • Languages: We will work with what is currently the most common shared language in the Asia Pacific: English. We will also attempt wherever possible to work creatively with all languages across the region.


Costs include Module 1 program, materials and meals at the venue:

  • USD 5,000 Institutional Support Price  Single Ticket (for instiutions that want to support the program; place guaranteed)
  • USD 3,000 Regular Price Single Ticket (place guaranteed)
  • USD 8,000 Team of Three (places guaranteed)
  • USD 10,000 Team of Four (places guaranteed)
  • Partial Scholarships are also available, including for those engaged in landscape restoration. Click here to apply for a scholarship. (Place not guaranteed unless scholarship application is successful.)

This program includes:

  • All lunches and coffee-breaks at the venue

Click "Register" above to complete your application.

Registrations will close August 4, 2024, or when event is sold out.


Transportation is self-organised.
Participants will need to organise their own travel to and from Bali, as well as travel to and from the venue each day.  Grab and Gojek are the ride-sharing apps used in Bali, and it is best to set these up before arrival. 

We recommend booking flights straight after you register because it is peak holiday season in Bali during August.


Accommodation is self-organised.
There are a number of hotel options in Bali. The event organisers will be staying at Sanur for proximity to the venue.

We recommend booking accommodation in Sanur, and doing so straight after you register because it is peak holiday season in Bali during August.

Cancellation Policy

  • By canceling before May 31, 2024, 80% of tuition is refunded. 
  • From May 31, 2024 until June 30, 2024, 50% of the tuition will be refunded.
  • From July 1, 2024 until July 15, 2024, 25% of the tuition will be refunded. 
  • As of and after July 16th, 2024, no refunds will be possible.

The program will be facilitated by a team of senior faculty from the Presencing Institute, United in Diversity and The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership. In the event that any of the faculty cannot be present due to unforeseen circumstances, the program will be held without any modification in the conditions of participation.

Registrations will close August 4, 2024, or when the event is sold out.

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