As systems fail and collapse what we are left with is basically each other.

Otto Scharmer

Looking at the world right now, on the one hand, we see an acceleration of crisis and disruption

On the other hand, as our systems collapse, we see communities, projects, and movements of regeneration, renewal, and healing coming to life like never before. 

  • How do we hold these two realities effectively and authentically at the same time? 
  • How do we sense into what is real and emerging? Not only for ourselves, but for each other, and the wider global community as a whole?
  • How do we move through overwhelm and despair and into supporting the future wanting to be born?

The Global Forum 2022 was a two-day online / offline event designed around the U-process for us to:

  • Connect deeply as a global community, 
  • Sense into our planetary situation, 
  • Celebrate and learn from living examples of societal transformation
  • Notice the seeds of change wanting to emerge
  • Cluster around shared intentions for nurturing these seeds and 
  • Actualize next steps

Enjoy lifetime access to the archive of the live sessions as well as the Audio Garden.

What is the Audio Garden? An innovation in global sensing, storytelling, and cultivating shared awareness.

The Audio Garden emerged as a prototype for global sense-making, resonance, and personal reflection. It allows us to step away from our computers and journey out into our local context while connecting with the global Presencing community, even if not live.

Made up of audio pieces contributed by Presencing Institute senior faculty, global thought leaders, our various regional communities, and change-makers around the world - the audio garden consists of stories, practices, sensing journeys, and sound scapes.

Step away from your desk and put in your headphones, for a guided sensing process that draws on the wisdom of our global community to help you take deeper root where you are.