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regeneration at a
systemic level.

This dedicated learning track on applying the methods and tools of Theory U to the work of regenerating our lands, landscapes and agricultural systems, offered in collaboration with Commonland, will include four additional live community sessions to u-lab, and a dedicated space on our community platform for those enrolled in this track.  

Through this track participants will learn about how Theory U is being applied to regeneration efforts, with reference to Commonland’s ‘4 Returns’ framework. Participants will share their own experiences of applying their u-lab learning to deepening their understanding and capacity for action on landscape regeneration.

What is u-lab?

The Presencing Institute’s globally renowned Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a 6-week program on the foundations of Theory U, a process for transformative change that blends systems thinking, consciousness and wisdom traditions, and civic action. This program, run in partnership with MITx, is a “learning by doing" program where you will learn about the tools, methods, and frameworks of Theory U and start cultivating your ability to apply them to your life and work. This is an online self-paced course complemented with synchronous live sessions bringing together thousands of change makers from around the world. The course launches on 31st August with the first live session on the 14th September. 


What is Theory U?

At its core, Theory U comprises three main elements:

  1. A framework for seeing the blind spot of leadership and systems change: the "interior condition" from which we operate;
  2. A practical method and tools for change makers to implementing awareness-based change;
  3. A new narrative for evolutionary societal change: updating our mental and institutional operating systems in all of society's sectors from ego to eco.

Drawing on the MIT tradition of action research, Theory U has evolved over two decades of experimentation and refinement by a global community of practitioners. 


What are the 4 Returns?

The 4 Returns Framework, developed by Commonland, is a systemic, science-based framework that offers a simple formula to create a common understanding of what a healthy landscape means. Developed in close collaboration with scientific institutes, business schools, farmers, and experts, it supports people from across the spectrum – government, business, and communities – to co-create and act on a common vision for a resilient landscape. It supports stakeholders to transform degraded ecosystems through achieving 4 returns: inspiration, social returns, natural returns, and financial returns



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