Visual Sensemaking

At a Glance

A 2-day online/offline mini-U experience with 2D visual practices, to stay creatively engaged in the present moment.

Dec 67, 2023

Online Only

Tuition: $100 – $200 USD



This program uses 2D visual language to make sense of how we stay engaged with our best Self, our communities, and the planet, especially in challenging times. Participants will go through a mini U-Process to 1) see and sense into their current context, 2) practice presencing—allowing inner knowing to emerge—and 3) crystalize a future wanting to emerge.

The primary mediums for this exploration will be drawing and collage. Participants will engage a system mapping tool to define their current state and then be led through “Visual Presencing”, a core social art, to evolve the map. This brings mindfulness into the mark-making process, and helps embody and externalize potential by accessing an intangible, but felt, field of possibility.

There will be ample space for reflection, so that each participant finds perspective through their own image. Each person will also identify specific ways to “stay with” their future as it unfolds. A dedicated online community space can support the journey throughout the duration of the program.


This exploration with visual sensemaking will happen over 2 days, paced between offline/individual and online/group sessions:

  • Day 1: Self-paced practices with pre-recorded videos and reading materials around Theory U and Levels of Scribing, along with a mapping exercise using Systems Scribing to prepare for the live session.
  • Day 2: Live session, a 2-hour Zoom call with guided, hands-on drawing practice, peer-to-peer conversation, and large group resonance. (Recording of the live session will be available for those who cannot make it.)  This will be followed by sharing of images in the community platform, with real-time feedback from faculty and peers for one week following the live session.

The live session will take place on December 7 from 9:00-11:00am EST (check your time here).

Technical Requirements: To participate in the live session, you will need to have video or audio access to Zoom. You will also receive an invitation to an online community platform called Mighty Networks where you can complete the self-directed learning.




Please choose a rate in accordance with your country and the strength of its economy, and based on your overall financial situation. Should either of the below rates not be feasible, please reach out to the team.

  • Standard Rate $200 | For people in countries with strong currencies, who experience a steady personal or professional financial situation. Your registration will help support others to participate.
  • Reduced Rate $100 | For people in countries with moderate currencies, who experience an uncertain personal or professional financial situation.
  • Scholarship on Request Email
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Cancellation Policy

Fees will be refunded for all cancellations received in writing before November 28, 2023. No refunds will be granted after that date.


Can I participate if I have no drawing skills?

Absolutely! We will work with pens and crayons in the session but we'll start at a very basic level so if you're able to draw a circle and a rectangle that will be sufficient.

Which materials do I need? 

We'll send you detailed information about the material needed once you're signed up. You don't need fancy art supplies.

Is this a course about Generative Scribing?

No. While Generative Scribing is a tool to support groups, the practice taught in this course helps you make sense of your own situation. It’s an individual process that you can afterwards follow on your own and as an element of a Generative Scribing practice.