We support knowledge generation for advancing awareness-based systems change.

Awareness-based systems change is an action research approach that views consciousness as the key leverage point for societal transformation. We support this emerging field by fostering a community of researchers and research practitioners, establishing an open-access journal, and making visible and accessible cutting-edge knowledge, tools and methods for leading transformative societal change.


The Journal

The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change (JASC) is an online, open access journal making visible research that is breaking new ground in this emerging field.

At this critical point in our collective story, when the polycrisis of our time reveals the brokenness of our systems more visibly than ever, JASC is a project born of the belief that it is possible to address our current crisis and co-shape our systems. We recognize that we cannot democratize the “know-how” that underlies the work of awareness-based systems change until we can illuminate and articulate what is happening and how it happens, and share that knowledge widely. JASC makes visible and accessible creative scholarship that supports societal transformation through awareness-based systems change practices.

JASC is published bi-annually in May and November. Register below for notifications. 


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Awareness-Based Systems Change Publications
  • Journal articles, book chapters, and papers
  • Research stories in blog format
  • Master's and Doctoral projects
Social Presencing Theater Research

Published research and projects-in-progress focused on SPT as a research tool.

Transformation Dialogues

A library of dialogues exploring the theory and practice of transformative leadership, regenerative agriculture and systems change.

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Case Studies

Examples of awareness-based transformative change processes across sectors and regions.