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Story Sharing



Story Sharing
shifts participants from a place of seeing to sensing, where perception begins to happen from the whole field. Story Sharing invites participants to connect to a moment when their sense of Self shifted and clarified, when they became more of who they are, and then to share this story if they feel comfortable doing so. Story Sharing requires a container in which people see and connect on a deeper level, by listening with an open mind, open heart, and unconditional attention.


Story Sharing can be used at the bottom of the U, during the phase of presencing, to form connections within a group and strengthen the quality of the container.


  • Charge the container. Intentionally design the physical space to support relational connections.
  • Take a deep dive. Immerse yourself in the particulars of the field, becoming one with others.
  • Redirect attention from the individual story to the formative field—the source—of the story.
  • Open the heart. Access and activate the deeper levels of your emotional perception.

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