Angela Baldini

Angela currently manages several programs hosted by the Presencing Institute, including the Social Presencing Theater, Foundations, and Advanced Foundations programs in Europe. She is also a core member of the u.lab team, offering assistance to the extended global community.
Angela is also a trained social worker and started her career in this field working with addicts of illegal drugs - who had learned to live with prescribed drugs, towards a life without drugs - in Austria and Germany. In 2002, she shifted careers and started as a project manager in the field of concert promotion and event management with one of the biggest German concert promoters. Her responsibilities included marketing, contracting, budgeting and financing as well as on-site event management, tour logistics and artist support.
In her free time, Angela supports the Berlin-based collective BürgerEnergie Berlin, which is aiming to buy back and run the electric power grid of Berlin:
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