Laura Pastorini

Laura is part of the Strategic Team and staff of consultants and researchers of the Presencing Institute, as well as an advanced practitioner and international teacher in Social Presencing Theatre, supporting the Spanish-speaking community of Theory U and SPT in Latin America and Spain.

She introduced and teaches Theory U and SPT at the Public University in Uruguay and different institutions worldwide, and hosts formative Theory U / SPT initiatives regionally, like Ulab (as academic course), GAIA, SPT Basic Courses and the first Advanced SPT Training in Latin America.

Her background is in the Social and Human Sciences, as a Social and Visual Anthropologist and Master in Mental Health, with studies in Semiotics, Linguistics and Epistemology. Master Trainer in Organizational Constellations and Systemic Coaching, she has over 30 years of experience applying different embodied methodologies for Human Development.

She works as independent Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach, integrating the intelligence of “head, heart and hand” to allow deep transformation in individuals, teams, organizations and communities in Uruguay and Latin America. Her clients are mostly in the public sector, like governments, institutions, NGOs, International Cooperation Agencies and Social Projects, as well as several private clients and Public/Private corporations.

With a systemic multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to the Human Condition as a whole, she develops Capacity Awakening methods for Awareness Based Collective Action, to activate our deepest (re)sources and achieve our highest potential, contributing to a more conscious, just, inclusive and regenerative society.

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