Sebastian Jung

Sebastian Jung is an economist and social anthropologist, certified in organizational development. After ten years in various advisor and management positions in the international cooperation, he is working as organizational consultant and trainer worldwide.

His focus lies on process consulting, organizational development and the facilitation of multistakeholder processes. Sebastian´s consulting approach is characterized by the integration of systems thinking and awareness-based methodologies to enable deeper organizational and societal transformations.

He is the Lead for Social Presencing Theater Research & Development within the Presencing Institute. A key focus of his work lies on the development of effective online applications for embodiment methods in institutional settings.

As facilitator and organizational consultant Sebastian works with a wide range of clients - from bilateral and multilateral cooperation, to international NGOs, climate think tanks and European energy providers that are shifting towards renewable energy.

Key assignments in the field of international cooperation have been from 2019 to 2020 as the responsible for a peacebuilding component in Colombia, supporting the national and regional governments in peacebuilding efforts. Between 2013 - 2018 he was political advisor and project manager for the GIZ, advising the Peruvian Ministry of Environment in the development of forest protection mechanisms for indigenous communities.

Sebastian considers himself a ‘reflective practitioner’, combining consulting, with action research and the development of awareness-based methods – always looking for creative new frontiers to widen our understanding of transformational dynamics inspired by the observation of nature, society and self.