Hear from participants of our programs.

Finally a course that does not pay lip service, but actually shows you how to be a leader in the digital world - and how important it is to be human, self-aware and present. You get simple, yet highly effective tools to connect and engage. Thank you for this eye (and heart) opener!

  • Eva Bouchoux

I loved the space to go deep on the U framework, it was a great use of my time.

  • Lindsey Alexander

This course has changed my thinking about life and has helped me realise my calling. In sum, I would say this was life changing course for me.

  • Program participant

I feel more awake to my own most pressing questions: What do I really care about now? And what does that entail at the deepest level?

  • Sue Wolpert

Very meaningful for me during a period of uncertainty and stress. The course helped me renew my sense of self, purpose, and direction.

  • Program participant

I found the sharing of practical examples and on-going work very insightful and encouraging.

  • Katherine Long

This program has really helped jump-start my work and my vision after a moment of stalling.

  • Ann Armbrecht

Over the course of three days I literally experienced a brain rewiring and was able to articulate what will become my life's work for the next period of my personal and professional journey.

  • Participant from UK

Your course affected me deeply and provided me with keys to address mind, body and soul connections through a digital transformational program.

  • Dr. Christiane Gerigk

Very intensive and enlightening course. Provides the structure for engaging with and internalizing the theory and practices of Theory U.

  • Program participant

When I get results, it's important for me to recognize where it comes from and this course has already been, and will continue to be, a big source.

  • Participant from USA

It gave me a framework to consider how to approach institutional change at this unique juncture in history.

  • Rev. Kirk Berlenbach

There is much work to be done in organizations, and I am committed to using Theory U with clients. 

  • Participant from Kenya

This program has given me back the faith that meaningful online courses can be done. I feel more self confident to offer virtually what I used to do in person.

  • Montse Sáenz de Ugarte

The program has instilled in me not just hope but also genuine trust in my calling, strengths, intuition and contribution, and in what's possible for us as humanity.

  • Participant from Germany

I am grateful for being part of the community.

  • Program participant

It was much more than I was expecting, I feel very grateful to have been part of this journey.

  • Participant from Brazil

The course has provided clarity, hope and a sense of promise for the future.

  • Donald Proffit

I had followed the u.lab a few years ago, and the foundation program really helped me to refresh my understanding of all that's around Theory U and how to bring it more into my work.

  • Participant from France

The concepts, practices and tools are great and add significantly to what I have worked and how it helps me connect what I need to do in my life!

  • Program participant

Congratulations, this project is really huge and transforming.

  • Program participant
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