From Ideas to Action.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


A New Approach For Systems Change.

Almost anyone working to bring about change in their current situation would agree: operating from our existing assumptions is not producing the results that we know are needed in these times. 

Our current reality highlights a need for us to transcend our blindspots and find new ways of learning, working, and innovating as teams, organizations, and communities.

Are you and your team holding a transformational project or prototype idea? Are you wanting to:

  • unlock the full potential of your project?
  • transcend old ways of operating?
  • keep your team and yourself motivated? 
  • connect into a field of fellow-changemakers?

If this strikes a chord, then you are in the right place, at the right time: gather your team, and begin the put your application together.

A Global Community of Change-Makers

1500+ Teams

Since 2018.

66 countries,  363 cities

Last year, participants joined from 66 countries, and 363 different cities.

22 Languages

While the course is in English, last year, teams were operating in at least 22 different languages - with volunteers translating materials as needed. 





Why Join?

By the end of the journey, participants will have created new collaborative initiatives that help to bring about more peaceful, sustainable and equitable social systems around the globe.

  • Activate and deepen the impact of your prototype idea through a 3-month journey.

  • Engage with a global community of change-makers. social innovators, and systems thinkers.

  • Receive facilitation support in the form of Live Sessions, AUAs, and online discussion boards.

  • Use leading-edge methods and tools offered on the u-lab 2x online platform.

  • Participate in an emerging global movement for regenerative solutions for business, society, and our planet.

  • Attend cost-free: The program runs from February to May. It is a 3-month course completely free to attend.

  • Learn from Senior Lecturers at MIT, Senior Faculty and expert Practitioners from the u-school for Transformation (by Presencing Institute) who are actively engaged societal transformation.

  • Find your preferred language: although this program is primarily in English, the community has been kindly volunteering to translate the materials in more and more languages, helping remove language barriers.

  • Focus on the specific challenges of our current moment.  Collaborate with others to apply Theory U to the most pressing challenges of our time.

  • Advance in your Certification: u-lab 2x is part of the Awareness Based Systems Change Certification Pathway offered by the u-school for Transformation.




Also, you may wish to upgrade to a Verified Certificate: 

You can apply for the upgrade at any moment during the program. Upon verification, you will receive your digital certificate signed by the u-school Faculty (valid for Pathways).


How Does It Work?

u-lab 2x convenes both place-based teams and teams collaborating online from around the world that are working toward solutions in one of these areas. Following the 5-movements of Theory U, teams will be guided through applying the most up-to-date tools and methods of awareness-based systems change as they work directly on their project or initiative. 

As a 3-month innovation journey, u-lab 2x will help your team:

  • Understand the current situation and the deeper forces at play, that can either be obstacles or leverage points for change;
  • Identify emerging future possibilities in your work, 
  • Prototype new ways of working together in rapid-changing and multi-stakeholder settings;
  • Deepen the impact your project or initiative.
  • Move from ideas into action.




Are You Ready to Apply?

If you have a team and you’re interested to apply, in the sections below you'll be walked through how to prepare your application. You'll need to 1) gather your team, 2) prepare a short simple video to tell us about your prototype idea, intention, and team, and 3) fill out the application form. 

Some things to consider as you prepare your application:

  • Applications are for teams, not for individuals. Each team should have a smaller, core convening team of 2-4 people who initiate and take responsibility for leading a larger team through the u-lab 2x journey.
  • Does tour convening team has a prototype idea or initiative that you are developing, or are looking to develop, related to at least one of the acupuncture points?
  • We know that societal transformation begins with local action. You can then decide whether your team meets completely virtually, or a mix of online and offline, depending on what fits your specific context. 
  • Is your team in a position to influence some elements of the system you want to transform? Either as a grassroots activist, an institutional leader, or through some other mechanism of change (e.g., public opinion)?
  • Core team members should have previous experience or familiarity with Theory U (u-lab, Presencing Foundation Program, or experience applying the U process) or related methods of awareness-based systems change (Art of Hosting, etc.). 
  • Your extended team should include an additional 5-15 people. You don’t need to have this team confirmed to apply, but should confirm their participation by end of January 2024.
  • The whole team should be committed to the whole journey (February to May 2024).
  • Teams should be committed to share and learn as part of the global community.




Start of applications: November 14th, 2023
Application Deadline: December 17th, 2023
First live session: February 8th, 2024

While the first live session is on February 8th, teams will be invited to begin moving through the opening modules of the journey by mid-January. Our final live session is on April 4th, and will send teams into the process of implementing their prototype - which may take them into May 2024.

Live Sessions:
At three milestone moments within the u-lab 2x program, we will come together as a global cohort in live, interactive sessions specially designed to facilitate your team's journey through your innovation process. You'll have a chance to connect with other change-makers, sense into your team's current reality, and explore the tools and methods in a live setting.
  • February, 8th (Thursday) / 9am - 10.30am ET / Zoom Session On Co-Sensing
  • March, 7th (Thursday) / 9am - 10.30am ET / Zoom Session On Presencing
  • April, 4th (Thursday) / 9am - 11.00 am ET / Zoom Session On Prototyping

Ask-Us-Anything (AUA) Sessions:
In an iterative prototyping process, challenges, new considerations, and needs for additional support often arise. Our Ask-Us-Anything sessions are open sessions where you can raise your questions and get answers and support, both from the u-lab 2x facilitation team and the wider global community.
  • February, 20th (Tuesday) / 9.30am - 10.30am ET 
  • March,19th (Tuesday) / 9.30am - 10.30am ET
  • April 16th (Tuesday) / 9.30am - 10.30am ET

2023 Cohort

The u-lab 2x 2023 cohort was made up of 234 teams and included participants from 66 countries and 363 cities and towns. The video below is a compilation of some of u-lab 2x 2023's application videos:

2022 Cohort

The u-lab 2x 2022 cohort was made up of 262 teams and included participants from 61 countries and 449 cities and towns. The video below is a compilation of some of u-lab 2x 2022's application videos:

About Gathering A Team

A short video from Florentina Bajraktari about finding and forming a team.


How to Apply:

This year we're, excited to roll out an improved application process:

In order to apply this year, teams need to

  • Gather a core team together on the u-school.org team space. You can find a team if you don't have one via the team finder
  • Record and upload an application video This is a short 1-3 minute video that introduces your team, your prototype idea or intention, and why your team is interested in participating in this year's u-lab 2x journey.
  • Fill out and submit the application form via the team-space. 

*Returning teams, who have participated in past u-lab 2x cohorts, will complete this same process. And we are also requesting that you submit a new video about the journey and evolution of your team. 

By following the button below, you will be guided to either

  1. Invite your team into a dedicated online team space here on u-school.org and submitting your application.
  2. Or, expore and connect with existing teams looking for members via the 'Team Finder."
  3. Or, creating a new team listing in the "Team Finder" to find others who may want to join your prototype idea or initiative.