Julie Arts

Julie Arts is a senior Faculty member and consultant with the Presencing Institute (PI), an organisation founded in 2006 by MIT Sloan School of Management Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer and colleagues, to support action research and leadership development for systems change.

Julie is an economist by training and an innovator in transformational methods of learning, coaching and achieving social change. As a PI core faculty member she designed u.Lab, an on-line capacity building program delivered through the MIT edX platform that has now reached over 150,000 learners across the world. She co-developed a similar programs for Africa (Ubuntu Lab), Advanced Programs in Europe, UK, USA, China and Africa, and continues to create new program offerings on system thinking and innovation. Most recently she launched PI’s U.Academy, with on-line courses in Digital Leadership, Awareness Practices for Leaders, and an on-line version of the Presencing Foundation Program.

Julie has worked as a senior consultant, designing and hosting multi-stakeholder transition processes and leadership programs such as the UN SDG Leadership Lab, and many in-house leadership programs for companies and NGOs. Her focus is on creating action-oriented learning environments, globally-connected yet locally-activated, and developing capabilities for ecosystem leadership and digital leadership in organizations. Julie is also a board member of Meg Wheatley’s Berkana Institute. She lives in Belgium.

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