Manish Srivastava

Manish Srivastava is a coach, facilitator & an artist. His vision is to co-create an ecosystem of leaders who take their inner transforming journeys and co-create well-being for all.

Since 2006, Manish has been working with top leaders across business, government, UN agencies & NGO sectors to solve complex sustainability challenges (like child malnutrition, agriculture, women empowerment, CSR). He has been engaged with Presencing Institute & MIT in various leadership, systemic change and action-research assignments in US, Africa and India. As an executive coach, Manish has been coaching top leaders and executive teams in rediscovering their life purpose and creating well being for their families, business, communities and ecosystem. Manish has been invited to facilitate workshops & seminars on leadership and sustainability at leading business schools like IIM Ahmedabad, ISB Hyderabad, TeamAcademy Spain and international OD conferences.

Prior to coaching & consulting, Manish has held various leadership & change management roles with corporates like Unilever & Marriott Hotels. He has been instrumental in setting up India’s pioneering multi-sectoral partnership led by Unilever-UNICEF-Synergos to eradicate child malnutrition. He earned the Director’s Enterprise award for leading cultural transformation that impacted business and lives of 3500 leaders across Unilever South Asia.

Manish is a Certified Professional Coach from Leadership that Works, USA and is a member of faculty for the same. He is a master facilitator & coach in Theory U from Presencing Institute, US and a certified OD consultant from ISABS. Manish is a research scholar in psychology & anthropology from Harvard University and holds MBA in HRD (SIBM). Manish is a student of spiritual psychology & individuation (CG Jung Institute, Boston) and loves to dive deep in creative world of painting, poetry and mythology.

Manish is a part of Presencing Institute’s Global Practitioner Circle. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and son. Learn more about his work at

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