u-school for Transformation

Activating and Supporting a Global Movement for Planetary Healing & Civilization Regeneration

u-school is a global capacity-building and action research platform that offers programs, certifications, space holding and innovation labs using Theory U and Social Arts to activate a shift in individuals and collectives from ego- to eco-system consciousness, for the healing and regeneration of self, society and planet.

"In order to create real change in the world we need to shift the inner place from where we operate, not just as individuals, but also in our collective actions, as groups, as organisations, and as larger systems." - Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at MIT, Founding Chair of Presencing Institute. Author of Theory U: Leading from the Future As it Emerges

In the face of accelerating social and environmental breakdown, u-school builds our collective capacities for transformation and tune into more regenerative possibilities that are yet to be born. We invite you to become a member of our programs, hubs, and a growing community of changemakers seeking to radically reshape how we reconnect with each other, with our planet and with our highest future potential for a more regenerative future for all.

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What is Happening Now?

What We Do

Be part of the solution.

Take action with us to create a more sustainable, just, and equitable future for all.


Where to start

Join a program, an innovation lab or pursue a certification on awareness-based systems change or one of our social arts. Understand Theory U and how to apply it to your context.

Activate the capacity to learn from the future as it emerges, through action-oriented learning experiences made up of cohort and self-paced programs. u-school programs blend state-of-the-art systems thinking, action learning, social arts, awareness-based practices and multi-sector collaboration.

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Connect with a community of innovators, change makers, activists, educators and social entrepreneurs all around the world. Meet others working on the same topics and in the same regions.

Be part of an emerging movement across all sectors and geographies for bridging the ecological, social and spiritual divides

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Explore transformative tools and awareness-based practices to facilitate systems change.

Apply tools, methods and practices that have been developed and researched through application across sectors and regions. Apply the methods and tools of Theory U and awareness-based systems change in your own context.

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Build your capacity to lead transformative change while earning a certification in Theory U Awareness-Based Systems Change and Social Presencing Theater.

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Social Arts | Social Presencing Theater

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Our Growing Community Around the World


People have enrolled in free programs since 2015, including u-lab and GAIA.


Of u-lab participants found the experience “inspiring” or “life-changing.”


Hubs emerged since 2015, creating a planetary web of placed-based learning and action communities.


Countries that have hosted the Presencing Institute’s SDG Leadership Labs with the United Nations by end of this year.


Languages in which programs are offered.


Countries in which the u-school is active with programs, hubs or events.


Partners & Supporters

We run social transformation initiatives with our partners and supporters across sectors and regions.

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